Mayor Bloomberg’s Speech on Immigration - LV2

Mayor Bloomberg’s speech on immigration

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- speech / Standard American → American Man → Mayor = politician (Attention au contre sens, Bloomberg n’est pas maire de Washington → à pénaliser ?)

- « here in Washington » : monuments : White house, Capitol

- topic : immigration → most important issue, (huge) problem


- problem = « broken immigration system » problem because it’s « broken » and no one knows how to fix it

- talks about solutions to solve the problems with immigration → « how to fix it » → he’ll show « we can fix it »

- Monuments, buildings built by immigrants + nationalities

- greatest monument = Statue of Liberty 1886 « 125years ago this October »


- have both parties to agree « in a way that both Democrats and Republicans can sign on and support »

- irony of immigration being a problem in the country, whereas monuments were built by immigrants : example of Washington → « street design drawn by... » (names ?)

-  « monuments to our democracy » → symbols

- contribution of immigrants in American history → America as a nation of immigrants

- Statue of Liberty as an American landmark

-  « Lady Liberty’s torch has brought light to the darkest corners of the earth, beckoning here to America shores all those, as they say, yearning to breathe free » → USA as a Land of opportunity, immigrants arriving of the east coast with dreams of a new life, a new beginning.


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