David McManus is Talking About his Job


Niveau A1 Il voyage pour son travail

Noms de pays (sauf la Russie)

C’est intéressant et « excitant »

Le poisson est bon

Niveau A2+ Type de métier

Voyage en avion

En classe affaire

A besoin d’un passeport

Il y a un problème

Bonne nourriture

Gens sympas

Niveau B1+ Russie


Visa pour la Russie

Possiblilité d’avoir 2 passeports en Angleterre

Russie = cher

A dépensé 500 dollars

Niveau B2+ Un passeport doit être laissé à l’ambassade pour le visa

NB : Difficultés rencontrées

  • la prononciation de Russia + lexique : embassy
  • situation peu familière pour les élèves ( visa / passeport laissé à l’ambassade )


David McManus is talking about his job

My name’s David McManus. I’m a sales manager for a multinational in the energy business. I travel a lot for my work and the main country I travel to is Russia. In fact I just flew back from Russia last night. I always fly business class. Er... this year I’ve been to Russia four times. That’s normal for me : four or five trips to Russia every year, and maybe one trip to the Ukraine. It’s always exciting and interesting to go there, but I have one big problem. I need a visa to go to Russia. When I apply for a visa to Russia I have to leave my passport in the embassy for a week or more. That’s a problem because I also travel to Italy and Germany. I need my passport all the time. I go to both those countries six times a year. But luckily, in Britain you can have two passports. It’s a little expensive but it is possible. So, I have two passports. I can leave one with the embassy and travel with the other one.

When you get to Russia, it’s always a great experience. The food there is good. This week a customer had made a booking for a restaurant just outside of Moscow. The food was delicious, really good fish. And people there are very friendly - they look after you very well.

OK, Russia, and especially Moscow is very, very expensive for a foreign visitor. I think I spent about $500 in my trip this week

= 1.30 minute

and I
was only there for three days. In comparison I normally need expenses of $250-$300 when I go to Italy or Germany. Of course, the flights are cheaper to Italy.

Lesson 1 : ‘Travel’, Alan Cheesman

What do you dislike about travelling ?

Travelling sometimes, if you’ve had a really, really long day, with very, very difficult visits, a three-hour journey on the way home can be the worst three hours of your life. On other days, it can be time to reflect, and try to calm down a little. So travelling, depending on the day you’ve had, can be a good thing or a bad thing, and it’s very much down to mood, I find.

What are your priorities when choosing a place to stay ?

When choosing a place to stay overnight, I would normally look first of all for the cheapest option, because of my company’s budgets. Secondly, closest to where I was going to be early the following morning or last thing the previous day. Other than that, as long as it’s got a bed in, I’m quite happy.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take a customer out in London, and we stayed in a very nice hotel on Kensington. I think it was a five-star hotel, the Royal Gardens, I think it was – very pleasant, and a lot higher quality than I’m normally used to staying in. But sadly, as I had to leave at half-past five in the morning, I didn’t really get much chance to sample the luxury of it. But that’s all part of the job.


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