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Final Task : Write an article to be published on a blog about the controversial Bob Dylan’s Literature Prize. Did Bob Dylan deserve this Nobel Prize ?

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First, who is Bob Dylan ?

Well, Bob Dylan is a singer, a poet and a musician. He’s a 20th and 21st century legend.To finish Bob Dylan is one of the figures of the Beat Generation because he was friend with Allen Ginsberg, he adopted the writing technics of the movement.

Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prizes on October 3, 2016. it was a real surprise for everyone but it’s a good surprise. People shared different comments about the Nobel prize which was given to him but there are some good reactions about this decision.
I think it’s a good choice because Dylan has a very great voice, it’s a very good poet and he’s an involved artist. But other people don’t share my opinion and think it’s a very bad choice.

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Bob Dylan was born in may 1941, he grew up in a Jewish middle class family. On october, 13 2016 he received the Nobel Prize for Litterature, he was rewarded for creating new modes of poetic expression, but it took Bob Dylan more than two weeks too express his thanks, so on october 28. It is the first time since 1901 that a musician has been rewarded in litterature. Everybody was surprised and more people have had a negative reaction, but many people were happy, for example one woman said ’Bob Dylan is an sampler, he convokes the great tradition of America’, even if this situation is maybe the most controversial. Bob Dylan is a singer, he talks about many subjects as the politic or like love. He sings for example ’Knocking on Heavens Door’ or ’Like a Rolling Stone’, so why not a writer ? I think he deserved this prize because everyone has a chance, and Bob Dylan works on this project.

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The controversy over Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize  :

Recently, we have heard about the controversy over Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. Bob Dylan was born in 1941, in Minnesota. He is a singer, his most famous songs are ’ Knocking on heaven’s door ’ , ’ Like a Rolling Stone ’ and ’ Mr Tambourine Man ’.
Last october, this singer won the Nobel Prize of Literature. In fact, Bob Dylan won this Prize against 18 other participants, because he is a lyrical singer, he conveys antiwar messages in his songs. For instance in ’ Masters of War ’ in which Bob Dylan accused the government, in his song we can feel his hatred. So giving this prize to Bob Dylan is an original choice but it is also a polemical choice.
Mr Vann, for example, is a fan of Bob Dylan, he said he is a poetic singer with a unique voice but he disapproves of this choice. Mr Vann thinks Bob Dylan is a singer, not a writer.

On the contrary, Sean Willentz, the author of the book ’ Bob Dylan in America ’ has a positive opinion. He said that, like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan is a great songwriter and for him, the songwriters can be considered as writers.
In my opinion, Bob Dylan deserved this Nobel Prize because his lyrics are poetic and for me, they have the same value as the words of a writer. 
And you, in your opinion, do you think Bob Dylan has deserved the Nobel Prize of Literature ?

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The controversy over Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

The 2016 Nobel Prize of litterature has been won by the famous American singer Bob Dylan for having created new expressions in litterature. This decision has been subject of controversy because the litterary community think Bob Dylan is not making litterature at all and I completely agree with it. I believe everyone agrees to say that Bob Dylan has a beautiful and unique voice and that his songs are taking part in the American traditional songs and that the American people are proud of it. However, I wouldn’t say that Dylan isn’t worthy of his prize. First of all because we can’t compare his lyrics (which definetely are together a beautiful work and body of poetry ) with a litterary book. Besides Bob Dylan never wrote any books. Moreover the Nobel Prize of litterature is usually awarded to essayists, novelists or playwrights but unfortunately Bob D is a singer. What a shame for the book sellers ! They expected a lot of money by selling the Nobel Prize’s winner books but this year the only thing they will sell is another biography of the singer. From my point of view this prize had to be awarded to a real litterary author because Bob Dylan doesn’t have the necessary qualification for this incredible prize and he absolutely does not deserve it even if he’s a great singer and poet like the professor Vann said.

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Two months ago, the famous singer songwriter, Bob Dylan, received the literature Nobel prize, chosen by the Nobel Committee, to be awarded. But this event created a controversy. Even if this Committee chose Bob Dylan for his poetic, tragic and beautiful lyrics, a lot of people criticized this choice. Some of them were telling that this award should be given to a writer, to help him to be known, to sell his books. Others thought that Bob Dylan was a singer, yes a great singer, with a great voice, but a singer and not a writer. In my opinion, Bob Dylan receiving this Nobel prize was a good decision made by the Committee. Indeed, as them, and as a lot of persons, I think that Bob Dylan, who wrote almost a thousand pages of lyrics, of involved lyrics, can be considered as a writer. For example, his song « Masters of war » denouncing politicians and businessmen, sat behind their desk, using their money to pay the war, to pay death. It’s not only a song with a great American music, it’s a new kind of poem, involved poem. Considered as a lyricist for some, he is like an « alchimist » for others, his songs becoming literature. Of course, many people scratched their heads when they heard the winner’s name, but I think that Bob Dylan deserves this prize. 


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