Palmarès du festival du livre de Cherbourg Octeville

Productions de classes entières


6e A du Collège Diderot à Tourlaville (professeur : Mme Christelle Bertoux)

Production orale et écrite réalisées à partir de l’album Birthday Monsters


1er : Classe de 1ere L1, Lycée Jean-François Millet, Cherbourg-Octeville (professeur : Séverine Vivier Blandin)

Production écrite collective à partir du roman The Great Gatsby de F. Scott Fitzerald

The New yorkers, July 1923 page 12

The most fashionable parties in New York City ! For you readers we went to the most fashionable parties in NYC. In West Egg the mysterious Gatsby offer us the parties that trendy people deserve. You can meet anyone at Gatsby’s : schoolboys, rich people, celebrities, politicians, gangsters, we even met the mayor of NYC… There is no need for an invitation to pass through the huge and magnificient garden. As you walk towards the manor house, following the stone path you can admire the startling flower beds and fountains. All the most modern and extravagant personnalities have to go to these parties. It’s the best union of fashion, alcohol, fun and amusement . When we go through the gate, it’s already a huge party, everywhere we watch. We can hear loud music everywhere.

And the music, how good it is ! It’s the best musicians of the world who come to play swinging music ! There is a drummer , there are saxophonists, trumpet players, clarinet players… Everybody is on the dancefloor, where lady steal the show with their energetic moves all night long. You want to learn foxtrot ? Go and find yourself a dance partner and let jazz music take you.

All skirts spin round and Charleston’s dancers wore bulky and colorful dresses, with a headband and stylish feathers. Men are elegant in their black and white dinner jackets with their charming bow ties.

In the house, under the huge crystal chandelier is a mouth-watering buffet with seafood, caviar,cakes, exotic fruit we had never seen before. And everybody is drinking alcohol and smoking. The essence of tobacco and alcohol are mixed with the different perfumes of the guests.. Cocktails and martinis fly all over the place, where does Gatsby find all this alcohol there is in his awesome parties ? We don’t care about prohibition because all we want is to have fun.

Anybody who is fashionnable and trendy goes at least once to these parties, but yet nobody has ever seen Gatsby ! Who is really the rich and mysterious Gatsby ? Rumors say his house is so big, so beautiful, and so hype ! But why does he organize all these parties ? Maybe he is a rich man who just wants to have fun. Some people say he is a sexy gentleman, others say he is a bad boy. The question is in all people’s minds… Who is he ?

At the end of the night you can enjoy magical fireworks on the beach. The yacht is moored in the bay. The atmosphere is always festive and dynamic, No risk to be bored ! Everywhere there are garrish colors and bright lights to catch our eyes and be in a good mood. Gatsby’s parties are wonderful, on top of amusement and fashion ! Everyone leaves with stars in their eyes. We know where we will go next week-end !

Article written by the pupils from 1L1 in Millet High School

2e : Prix spécial « créativité » pour les 1ère L2 du Lycée Jean-François Millet de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (professeur : Dominique Herbert)

Chanson et mise en musique crées à partir de l’album Outstanding in the Rain de F. Viva

Productions individuelles (seul ou en groupes de 2 ou 3)


1er : 6e2, Ariane du Collège Ferronay (professeur : Marine Roussel)

2e : 6e5, Yoni du Collège Ferronay (professeur : Marine Roussel)

Productions écrites réalisées à partir de l’album Birthday Monsters de Sandra Boynton.


5e C, Méline Gallet, Rachel Salmon et Justine Julien du Collège Lemaitre à Aunay sur Odon (professeur : Mathieu Leperquois)

Production écrite réalisée à partir de l’album Outstanding in the Rain de Frank Viva


4e2, Niyaz Taskan et Flavian Santini du collège Les Provinces à Cherbourg (professeur : Magalie Bocquet)

Production orale en binôme à partir de l’album Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party de Francesca Simon


3e, Romane Jeannot du Collège Pasteur à Caen (professeur : Mathieu Leperquois)

Production orale réalisée à partir du roman Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere de Julie T. Lamana


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